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About KO

KO is making a major impression in the music industry and has transitioned into a NEW DIRECTION! His confidence and smooth vocal ability has been proven to be out-of-the-box in both religious and pop message presentation for most traditionalists; and even some progressives. KO is a multi-talented composer, arranger, producer, barber, contractor, family man, comedian, friend, visionary, and male singer.

KO has released his latest project entitled, The Addendum. “Adore”, KO’s smashing hit-single, is his best material yet. This impressive track is a Latin romantic concept that has the dominance of pop soul. KO has a collection of genres on the album Addendum. If you are a fan of r&b " Make it work" may be the song for you. Maybe you want a taste of reggae soul, no problem " Tha Truth" will set you free. Hiphop???? we got you " Hard Knock Life " is where it's at. Or maybe you just want to sit back and listen to him SANG his behind off on the BIG ballet 'Expectations" . Whatever mood needs to be set KO is sure to accomplish it with this timeless album "ADDENDUM".

Early life and career

Born into a musical family with six sisters with the name “Kendrick Orr”, on December 14, 1972, in Courtland, Alabama, KO has been singing gospel tunes by his father (musician) and mother (missionary) at a very young age. It can be said that music has really become the central theme in his life ever since. KO has taught himself to play several instruments and has perfected his vocal ability and developed his skills in the local area.

KO is married to his best friend, the beautiful Tamonica Mitchell, for 18 years; but have known each other for 24 years. The Orrs were unable to have children of their own and adoption became a wonderful opportunity. Embracing their new addition and bundle of joy, Rasheed Orr, was a blessing to the couple. The Orr’s philosophy: “When you choose to adopt, you are providing a child with a new home, family and parents. You are completely improving their circumstances and giving them newfound opportunities. By adopting, you are opening the child's door to many new possibilities. If a child is in a bad situation, or has parents who cannot support them anymore, a new home gives them a new chance at life”; and that’s the home the Orrs are providing for Rasheed.

KO’s Professional Career
KO’s singing career began with his sisters (The Orr Sisters), Gospel Recording Artists. He then ventured into creating music and debuting gospel albums, Get Ready (2002) and I’ll Be Tha One (2007). With the rising success of his smash single “Home”, KO has embarked on a promotional tour, The Purpose Tour, in the southeastern region. His hit single, “Jesus You” from his sophomore project became a notable hit oversees. This led to live performances, resulting in international notoriety and acclaim across the continent of Africa.

KO has performed at the Annual Bay Fest, Alabama’s largest music festival (Mobile, AL), which featured other performances by Jill Scott, Wiz Khalifa, Anthony Hamilton, B.O.B., and Ludacris, just to name a few. KO’s musical inspirations include: Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Fred Hammond, Maroon 5, John Legend, Shania Twain, and Kelvin Wooten. It may be flattering to be compared to John Legend, a man representing the zeniths of his profession and that is well-known by the masses. Here too, KO fits nicely with his highly recognized vocals and lyrics.